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Next Phase Promotions and its partner companies can provide many of the basic promotional services that you will need to move into the next phase of your career.

Here are just a few:

- Affordable Web Design (Integrating your existing social media presence or helping create one)
- Affordable Merchandising (T-Shirts, Other apparel, General Promotional Items)
- Affordable Professional Photography Services (New England/New York/New Jersey)
- Affordable Professional Video Services (New England/New York/New Jersey)

As well as many other services that we'd be glad to discuss with you.

You may notice the lack of pricing information on our site. It's not because our prices will scare you away. Quite the opposite. We base our prices on the individual's circumstances and how well we 'gel' with them. We're in this because of our passion for these two industries and our understanding of just how hard it can be. While others may think your life has been a "joy-ride" and that you're "set for life", we know how hard you've worked, and that both industries do not guarantee you a nice retirement fund. It is because of this that we like to work with the individual and set our prices on a client by client basis.


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