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Next Phase Promotions and its partner companies were all established by current or former members of the music and sports entertainment communities. We know that it is not only difficult for someone to establish themselves in either business, but that it can be even harder to adjust to the changes brought on by leaving the umbrella of a large company in either industry. Whether it is by one's own choice or a forced situation, going back out on your own is a scary proposition. One that many are not prepared to handle.

At Next Phase Promotions, we don't claim to have all the answers or a "magic bullet" that can solve all the problems an entertainer faces during this transition period. However, we can help with some of the basic promotional needs that should help an individual's career keep moving in a forward direction.

Without a strong presence on the internet, you're losing out on the most affordable marketing tool since the first flyer was hung on a telephone pole. Your web site can be your calling card, booking agent and personalized store, but you already know that. What you may not know, is how to establish a well designed, affordable site. You most likely already have a Facebook page, but you probably also already realize that it is not enough to maintain a professional presence. After all, every garage band and backyard wrestler has a Facebook page. Booking agents and future employers expect more than just that. Since affordable web design is one of the many services we provide, perhaps we can help. We realize how important social media is, so our specialty is the one-page portal, a gateway to all things related to your internet presence (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc...).

Thanks to our partnerships with a few other select companies, we can also offer merchandising assistance, photography, video and other related services all at reasonable prices.

Whether you were just released or have been working independently for a while, we can help you meet your basic promotional needs without draining your bank account. Let us help you start promoting the next phase of your career today. As stated previously, we come from your world and understand your needs (including your need for privacy so please read our privacy section). Write to us at info@nextphasepromotions.com and we can get the process started.

One client we've had a relationship with for the past seven years is the Classic Rock Super-Group; Scrap Metal. Visit their site at www.scrapmetalrocks.com to learn more about them and see some of our web design work. Note: We do not handle their social media or bookings. Their other management companies are listed on the site. (We care share our relationship with the group without breaking our privacy policy since we are currently listed on their site under their 'Contacts' section.)

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